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Most eco-friendly crypto

Many changes are ongoing in cryptocurrency, including how developers mine digital coins. To support the increased rate of the eco-friendly sector, developers are implementing the Proof of Stake mechanism. This implies that developers would use minimal energy against the Proof of Work mining, which requires huge processing power. Several altcoins are taking the lead in employing environmentally friendly production methods, which minimizes cost. However, IMPT seems to top the list above others. The Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention is unique in its approach, collaborating with several brands in other sectors to achieve the sustainability goal. It is evident that not every crypto trader is familiar with this new coin yet. Thus, this article explains the IMPT concept, highlighting ten reasons it tops the eco-friendly coins list. More so, you may discover other eco-friendly coins that would interest you. Buy IMPT now

10 Reasons to Back this Eco-Friendly Crypto Over Top Cryptos

Here are 10 reasons why IMPT is the best eco-friendly coin:

  • The Proof of Stake Operation
  • IMPT Tokens Used as Carbon Credits
  • Ensures a Secured and Transparent Record
  • New Eco-Friendly Initiatives
  • Eliminates Double-Selling of Carbon Credit
  • Efficient International Trade
  • Increases Green Cryptocurrency Adoption
  • Reduces the Complexity of the Carbon Credits Market
  • Integrates Businesses and Organizations
  • A Substantial Presale Value

The Proof of Stake Operation


As mentioned earlier, this is one of the prominent reasons why a digital coin can be considered environmentally friendly. IMPT follows Ethereum’s Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, which is not energy intensive like Bitcoin’s Proof of Work consensus. The latter consensus is non-sustainable, less stable, and expensive to maintain. Instead of miners, Proof of Stake allows forgers to build blocks on an existing blockchain-thereby receiving coins as a reward for every successful block built. Buy IMPT Now

IMPT Tokens Used as Carbon Credits


The token forgers received from the PoS operation are useful in the NFT network. Users can convert their tokens into carbon credits and mint them as NFTs. Meanwhile, the goal is to reduce the carbon content in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Also, traders enjoy a safer transaction, as no third party can easily tamper with the NFT products. The developers of IMPT can enhance cryptocurrencies’ stability and safety measures without compromising their support for the green environment.

Ensures a Secured and Transparent Record


IMPT includes a blockchain system that allows anyone to confirm the authenticity of a brand’s carbon offset initiative. While trading to minimize carbon emissions ensures every transaction is legit and transparent. The protocol permits everyone to access the NFT address, while only the issuer can determine the amount of NFT available for trades. Again, IMPT developers have proven that this cryptocurrency is worthy of being rated above other currencies. Invest in a Green Coin Here

New Eco-Friendly Initiatives


The IMPT initiative has enlarged its scope by introducing eco-friendly projects into the ecosystem. This allows more crypto and environmental enthusiasts to get on board since several projects are available. Currently, IMPT has a collaboration with up to 10,000 brands, as listed on its marketplace. Interestingly, every user’s transaction is safe, as IMPT dully follows the Global Certification Protocols. The company also targets tree-planting campaigns to discourage its community from deforestation. Buy Eco-Friendly Coin Now

Eliminates Double-Selling of Carbon Credits


The NFT method of burning carbon credits is secure, and users are safe from double-spending their tokens. Once users convert their NFT, it will cease to exist, while the token will be available on the blockchain ledger. This will help reduce fraud and the risk of buying an already-sold NFT. This is one of the big problems associated with cryptocurrency carbon credits, which IMPT is already solving.

Efficient International Trade


In past years, people were easily convinced cryptocurrency is against environmental safety. However, this is not the case anymore. Altcoins have solved the problem of transporting products between international countries due to a long supply chain. The solution IMPT brings on board is to allow manufacturers and end consumers directly make transactions with one another. By doing so, there is less energy consumed during international trade. Buy Tamadoge Now

Increases Green Cryptocurrency Adoption


Many sectors adopted the bitcoin payment method, especially during the pandemic era. However, environmental-focused companies clamored for eco-friendly coins to reduce energy consumption rates during transactions. A perfect example is how Elon Musk stopped using bitcoin currency to purchase Tesla. In a way, this affects cryptocurrency adoption, especially in European countries that emphasize sustainability. Nevertheless, launching eco-friendly coins like IMPT is the beginning of a new dawn. Invest in a Green Coin Here

Reduces the Complexity of the Carbon Credits Market


Although the carbon market is growing rapidly, there seems to be a lot of complexity in the acquisition process. The IMPT ecosystem is less complex and highly reliable. It is safe to call this coin a trademark to other cryptocurrencies intending to enter the carbon market. IMPT proposes needed and relatable values by doing things differently. Buy IMPT Now

Integrates Businesses and Organizations


Unlike every other green cryptocurrency, IMPT brings businesses on board and allows them to contribute to sustainable development. When IMPT users shop from a brand, they also earn tokens, which they can exchange for carbon credits. You can also buy some tokens the traditional way (currently IMPT marketplace, although the company is looking forward to launching an app to this effect). Users also get some NFTs if they choose to burn the acquired carbon credits. Buy Tamadoge Now

A Substantial Presale Value


Despite being a new coin, IMPT raised $803,457.828 on its first presale market. The current price for one IMPT is equivalent to $0.018. There is a possibility that this will yield a 10x increase for early investors. According to the organizers, the presale price would possibly hit $0.023 for the second version. Now, consider how much profit you could earn if you decide to hold some IMPT coins now and trade them later. Buy Eco-Friendly Coin Now

Other Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies

Apart from IMPT, three top eco-friendly coins are leading the market.

  • Tamadoge
  • Nano
  • Algorand



The Tamadoge coin is a native token to Tamaverse. The Tamaverse is an ecosystem that allows users to buy a virtual pet and may choose to nurture the pet until it grows. Users will get their sales gain based on the current value of the pet. Thus, Tamadoge is also known as a meme coin, although it stands out as a green cryptocurrency. It requires no mining, which would have yielded a lot of energy consumption. Since Tamadoge was listed on OKX, it opened an opportunity for more crypto traders to be a part of environmental sustainability. Buy Tamadoge Now



Nano is a green cryptocurrency that existed far back in 2015. It operates on a peer-to-peer network through the Open Representative Voting operation. This works by allocating a blockchain to each user to reduce the supply chain of every transaction. Thus, users do not need to use the main network blockchain before transactions. This also eliminates the extensive time and energy used in connecting a large number of users on a single blockchain. Buy Eco-Friendly Coin Now



This cryptocurrency competes with Ethereum with the number of smart contracts in its ecosystem. Algorand actively supports the green environment, displayed on about 20 billboards on Time Square. This act not only creates public awareness about the company’s goal but also helps to bring more crypto traders into the community. Also, Algorand uses smart contracts to eliminate any carbon footprint resulting from user transactions. This is an automated task, as users play little or no effort into this effect. Invest in a Green Coin Here

Final Thought

The IMPT project is a sustainable task since it does not disrupt the free market. Thus, you can become a part of the movement by burning carbon credits in exchange for some tokens. As an environmentally conscious individual, it is high time you become an active participant in sustainability. You can also check out other coins listed above, apart from IMPT. Interestingly, users can easily trade most of them on two major exchanges, LBLOCK and OKX.