educe the amount of plastic and single-use items you get through daily with these practical yet beautiful reusable products.

A selection of reusable products on a white background

By Alice Tuffery

Face wipes, cling film, disposable toothbrushes… Many everyday household items are destined for landfill after just a short stint in our homes. But happily, there are plenty of sustainable alternatives designed to have a much longer lifespan. 

While some people believe reusable products are less practical and more expensive than their single-use counterparts, they’re often incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily life. Plus, buying one set of reusable items rather than multiple disposable products should save you a lot of money in the long run. 

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The best reusable products to add to your home

Stasher bags

Stasher bag on a white background

The best reusable products are versatile, and this one certainly has a lot of potential uses. 

While Stasher bags are ideal for storing lunches and leftovers, you can also use them for a whole range of other purposes. Keep dog treats or wet sports kit inside when you go out and about, or add some ice cubes for a makeshift injury pack. 

You can even steam veg, marinate meat and pop popcorn in the handy pouch. It’ll survive the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Plus, you can use it for sous vide cooking. 

Stasher bags are made from non-toxic silicone, free from harmful PVC and latex, and you can quickly seal them with a pinch. So, it’s always worth keeping a few of these reusable products in your kitchen drawer. 

This is the sandwich pouch, but there are lots of different sized Stasher bags available online.

Reusable cotton rounds

Reusable cotton rounds on a table

Trading single-use make-up wipes or cotton wool for washable pads is a quick and easy swap. And if you use them every day, you’ll be saving a lot of waste from ending up in landfill. 

Whether you’re removing make-up, toning your skin or cleaning children and pets, these handy reusable products will work well.

The 8cm-wide reusable pads are made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so you can even compost them at home whenever you decide to upgrade. The sellers suggest they should last for at least 200 uses. 

When they’re dirty, wash them in the included mesh bag – be sure to set your washing machine to a low water temperature to prolong their lifespan and save energy. 

Etsy is a great place to shop for reusable cotton rounds as there are plenty of colourful designs to browse

Reusable organic cotton produce bags

Reusable organic cotton produce bags

Many of us are guilty of hurriedly grabbing single-use bags at the shops when we forget our reusable ones. But unlike plastic and hessian ‘bags for life’, these produce pouches are compact and light enough to keep in your rucksack, handbag or car boot to use at short notice. 

The bags also offer a convenient and attractive way to store and organise your food at home. Plus, they’re breathable, so your fruit and veg should last longer when stored inside. 

Choose between plain and mesh bags in four different sizes; both are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, ethically produced in India. Alternatively, why not choose the variety pack of plain or mesh pouches? You’ll get three different sizes. 

Reusable bowl covers

Reusable bowl covers with bowls on a table

It’s all too easy to reach for cling film when sealing up leftovers, but these fabric covers will keep your food fresh without the need for single-use plastic. They’re made from linen with handy elasticated edges, so stretching them over bowls and cups is easy. 

Just throw them in the washing machine to clean. 

You’ll get three different sizes in the set, which can fit bowls up to 18cm, 22cm and 30cm in diameter. They’re all made in the UK, and you can choose between two pretty colour options: natural linen and duck egg blue. 

These bowl covers are a convenient, easy-to-clean option, but you could also invest in some beeswax wrap or silicone lids to cut down on cling film. 

Linen napkins

Two sets of linen napkins

Switching to linen napkins is one upgrade most of us are happy to make. Not only do they save on paper, but they’re also a lovely addition to your dining table or picnic spread.