By Hannah Kahn

green Earth Day sneaker

When it comes to choosing a new pair of sneakers, we like to keep a few considerations in mind. First things first, comfort is key. Our top priority is a supportive shoe that we can wear for hours on end. Then, of course, we evaluate style. We prefer rocking kicks that stand out in a crowd, either with a pop of color or a different design. And finally, we try to select sneakers that will make a positive impact on the environment. What better way to reduce our carbon footprint than by choosing eco-friendly footwear? Deforestation rates are continuing to rise. According to National Geographic, destruction in the Amazon rainforest increased by 21% in 2020 alone!

In honor of Earth Day, sustainable shoe brand Cariuma has released a limited-edition version of their signature sneaker. This 100% vegan shoe has already garnered 16,000 five-star reviews, so you know it passes the test. Produced by demand, this ultra low-waste sneaker ensures that resources aren’t misused. And for every pair purchased, Cariuma will plant 10 trees! Going green and giving back? Sign Us up! These special sneakers are only available until April 30, so shop now before it’s too late!

brown Earth Day sneaker

The Earth Day Canvas Sneaker is a new take on a classic shoe. Consciously made, these comfy kicks come in both brown and green — perfect for Earth Day! And each shoe is embossed with the message: “STAND UP FOR MOTHER EARTH.” Say it louder for the people in the back! Because each shoe is made-to-order, the manufacturing process is super sustainable. Cariuma is committed to constant evolution through eco-friendly practices that make a low impact on the planet. Such an inspiration!

An updated version of the OCA canvas sneaker, this low-waste design features a blend of organic cotton and recycled canvas (think: more sustainable Converses). These shoes also include no-fray lace tips, bio-based eyelets and brand-new “bloom rubber” made with algae. Handcrafted at ethical factories, each sneaker supports Cariuma’s mission to “restore the biodiversity and carbon-capturing potential of this critical ecosystem.”

green Earth Day sneakers

Since this sneaker already exists in other colors, we wanted to share some of the glowing reviews with you. “Most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn,” one shopper declared. “Literally like I imagine walking on a cloud would feel and they go with everything.” Another customer gushed, “These shoes are classic, cute, and comfortable. I love their timeless look! The cork and memory foam insole is fantastic.” And yet another reviewer raved, “They are the comfiest shoes I’ve EVER had, walked in them all day the first day I wore them & my feet felt amazing. The fact they they are sustainable & such a eco-conscious brand makes me love them even more!”

You won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with these sustainable shoes. Have it all with the Earth Day Canvas Sneaker, available for a limited time at Cariuma!