Did you know that the simple act of using office equipment consumes energy? The typical office has many pieces of equipment that can use energy, including PCs, printers and scanners, photocopiers and fax machines, kitchen equipment and lighting systems. Most office equipment uses more electricity than it should – simply because people don’t realize there are better alternatives to wasteful office practices. Fortunately, it’s easy to make changes to your work habits that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. Here are five ways you can reduce the amount of electricity used by your office equipment…

Fair-Trade and Shade Grown Coffee

Fair-Trade and Shade Grown Coffee are two excellent examples of how you can enjoy the taste of coffee while supporting environmental sustainability. In addition to being much more fair trade than mass market coffee, shade grown beans are healthier for the environment because they require less water and fertilizer. These types of coffees are made by farms that create a habitat for animals like birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Recycled or Reusable Cups

Recycled or Reusable Cups I know, it’s not the most glamorous part of your day. But by switching from disposable cups to eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll be helping out the planet.
First off, there’s all that material and energy used in production. The plastic is often made from fossil fuels that are non-renewable, which means they will eventually run out and we won’t be able to produce anymore.

BPA-Free Water Bottles

BPA-Free Water Bottles The EPA reports that about 20% of the US population drinks bottled water, and 60% of those consumers are willing to pay more for the quality and safety of their water.
For many people, choosing an eco-friendly bottle becomes more than just environmental stewardship. It is also about personal health, peace of mind and convenience.
So what’s the deal with BPA? For some time now there has been discussion around whether or not it causes harm.

Compostable Coffee Filters

Compostable Coffee Filters are great for the environment, but they can be expensive. If you buy them in bulk from Costco or on Amazon, you can save money. Check out our blog post on how to make compostable coffee filters with old socks. The difference between disposable and reusable coffee pods is just like the difference between regular paper plates and eco-friendly ones. Reusable coffee pods (even though they’re more costly) end up saving you money in the long run because you have one less item to purchase and use up while creating less waste overall. The convenience of having pre-made coffee pods at your fingertips will outweigh the initial costs of purchasing reusable ones if you consume two cups of Joe every morning before work. For environmentally conscious consumers who drink two cups of coffees every morning, choosing reusable coffee pods over disposables can result in an annual savings of $600+.

Ethically Sourced Tea

Ethically Sourced Tea Enjoying a cup of organic, fair trade tea is good for you and the planet! Free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, our Certified Organic teas are the perfect way to start your day!