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  • Lazar Bergman

    VP Legal

    25 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Negociator between 2 parties exchange.

  • Martin Harvey

    Programing & Development

    11 years experience 3 projects worked 30.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Howdy, I’m Martin from UK.

    With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Information Technology. I’m confident to handle all projects related to Web Programming and WordPress.

    Currently, I’m a Technical Manager at E & J Gallo Winery Company. At this position, I lead the development process for all major projects utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, ActionScript, Java, C/C++, and SQL Server. Additionally, I have more than 10 years working as a WordPress developer with over 150…

  • Duc Nguyen

    Full-stack developer

    6 years experience 3 projects worked 47.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Hi, I’m Duc Nguyen. As a full-stack developer since 2012, I have a lot of experience in web applications and programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and API’s. Besides, I also have a thorough knowledge about web services (REST, SOAP, etc.). So, I can get done most of complex and  interesting projects.

    If you hire your project for me, I will do it with 100% accuracy.

  • Morgan Melvin

    SEO Specialist

    2 years experience 1 project worked 45.00€/hr 0€ earned

    As a marketing executive with more than 2 years of work experience. I have a strong marketing insight and strategy background which help you promote your  product, service or brand. In addition, I can be  responsible for managing all SEO activities to help your website get higher ranking on search engines and drive high-quality traffic as well as  manage all search engine advertising such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Your success is my success and I look forward to providing…

  • Taiki Yamada

    Graphic Designer

    1 year experience 1 project worked 20.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Hi, I’m Taiki. I have been working as a graphic design. I really love what I do. Whenever you need a logo design, 3D modelling or illustration, get in touch me.

    I can handle both large and small projects effectively!

  • Marinda

    Web & Graphic Designer

    6 years experience 1 project worked 25.00€/hr 0€ earned

    UX/UI Designer with more than 5 years experience. I’m focusing on beautiful human-centered design, interaction design for website and app.

    When you choose me as your designer, you can be sure that you’ll receive more than your expectation!

  • Fadila Ahmed

    Content Writer

    4 years experience 1 project worked 22.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Hi, I’m a dedicated freelance writer who loves to write on magazines and websites. I have experienced as a copywriter for over 3 years in a Web Development & Design agency. So, I have a deep knowledge of standard writing practices that is necessary for Web content writers.

    I can produce a wide variety of content for website from articles to copywriting. Whether you need content for your blog, product descriptions, or newsletters, I can work it well with high…

  • Louis Giles

    Human Resource Managers

    5 years experience 1 project worked 32.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Hello, I’m here to help you handle all tasks revolved in Human Resources!

    With 5 years experiences working as a headhunter, HR executive. I’m offering the best quality available services  according to your budget with 24/7 customer support.

    Get in touch today to discuss how I can help you!

  • Hamlet Avakian

    Data Assistant

    8 years experience 1 project worked 28.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Hello, I’m Hamlets with more than 6 years in data entry, data processing, excel and web scraping.

    I will help you with related jobs including WordPress contents uploading, Joomla, OpenCart, web research, etc.

    I am available 8-10 hours a day and create values for you with high-quality work. I really want long term relationship with you, so we can create value.

    Contact me anytime you want, then I will be there!

  • Sofie Schermer

    Civil Engineer

    11 years experience 1 project worked 65.00€/hr 0€ earned

    Experienced civil engineer and developer skilled in AutoCAD, 3DsMax, and other related software applications. I’m working as a civil  engineer for 4 years at  MaxHome company which has been ranked in top  100 Construction Companies in the world. I am interested in both structural and architectural design.

    If you need an experience civil engineering to do your project, please contact me!