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A mother holding up her child near their ger (nomadic tent), Mongolia.

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UNICEF’s work

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights. And to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. And we never give up.

UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund, is a humanitarian organization that works to promote the rights and well-being of children around the world. Established in 1946, UNICEF is one of the oldest and most respected organizations of its kind. And it has helped to improve the lives of millions of children.

UNICEF’s mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to survive and thrive. The organization works to protect children from harm and exploitation. Furthermore, to provide them with access to education and healthcare, and to ensure that their basic needs are met. UNICEF operates in more than 190 countries and territories. It is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from governments, organizations, and individuals.

One of the main ways that UNICEF makes a difference in the lives of children. By providing life-saving assistance in times of crisis. The organization responds quickly to emergencies. Such as natural disasters, conflicts, and pandemics, providing vital aid such as food, water, and medical supplies. UNICEF also works to rebuild communities and provide long-term support to children and families affected by crises.

In addition to its emergency response work, UNICEF also focuses on long-term development. The organization works to improve access to education, healthcare, and clean water for children and families in need. They also provide assistance to help communities build resilience to future crises and provide support for children with disabilities.

UNICEF also plays a crucial role in promoting and protecting the rights of children. They advocate for the rights of children to be respected and upheld, and work to end practices such as child labor, child marriage, and female genital mutilation.


UNICEF relies on donations from individuals, organizations and governments to carry out its work. You can make a donation on their website at https://www.unicef.org/donate/.

And you can also volunteer or participate in fundraising campaigns to support the organization.

Additionally, you can also stay informed about UNICEF’s work by following them on social media platforms.

Such as Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/unicef/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/unicef).


UNICEF is an essential organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. By providing life-saving assistance, promoting long-term development, and working to protect the rights of children, UNICEF is making a real difference. In the lives of millions of children. Supporting UNICEF through donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness of its work is a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of children in need.

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