IN commemoration of Earth Day this 2022, the SM Store calls on its customers to join it in making a conscious and deliberate shift toward green living.

“Our goal is to make sustainability as accessible as possible for all Filipinos nationwide. The idea that living green is not something that can be integrated with our day-to-day life should be a thing of the past. As we’ve learned, even the simplest of changes in the way we spend can lessen our carbon footprint,” shares Ponciano Manalo, SM Retail Inc. president.

As a leader in the retail space, the SM Store always aims to make life better for its customers. With top-of-the-line product innovations, marketing, and a diversified portfolio of brands and business partners, it is no surprise that it is the beloved household brand Filipinos have come to know.

Today, SM takes its mission to the next level by addressing a fundamental barrier to shifting to green living: accessibility.

Associating affordability to living an eco-friendly lifestyle could possibly be the biggest hurdle in allowing the concept to be widely accepted by the mass market.

Green products are either hard to find or too expensive. However, the SM Store, continues to push for more affordable, sustainable options to meet the demand. Joined by a vast number of retail affiliates, the fruits of this pursuit can already be found inside the stores.

“To date, we are working across our multiple channels, tapping SM’s partners and communities in integrating a greener approach. From ensuring the processes are completely sustainable to achieving the eco-friendly design, we hope that with our joined efforts, our customers and stakeholders can reach a point where they will see how easy it is to embrace green living. More than being a commitment to our people, it’s an investment for our planet,” adds Manalo.

Since the start of the pandemic, awareness and acceptance of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle continue to gradually increase. In a report published by Kantar in 2021, 75 percent of Filipinos are actively seeking out brands that offer products or services that can lessen their environmental impact. As concern for the environment and the impending climate crisis become more widespread, the need to implement more sustainable practices is becoming a shared call to action across the globe.

SM maks green shopping easier. As the leading retail brand in the country, the SM Store is doing its part in influencing customers to make purchasing decisions that will help the environment and the planet.

The urgency to make sustainable living practice is shared by customers and businesses alike. In 2021, a study conducted by Euromonitor has shown that 67 percent of customers across the globe have tried their hand at creating a positive impact by being more conscious of their own purchases. As customers develop a more sustainable shopping behavior, demand for brands that offer eco-friendly products and services keeps on increasing.