GreenJOBS is the best way to find a job in companies that encourage a better quality of life. We spend 80% of our time at work. Today, more than ever, people can no longer do it. Stressed, Tired, their life does not seem to be the one they were hoping for. Companies that promote ecology are better employers who understand the issues of our time. They offer more humane working conditions where candidates can thrive in their jobs. To be recognized, To work in a team, To contribute to the development of the company, To combine quality of life and work where the integrity and the honesty are not only vain words, this is the heart of our mission. In a nutshell, GreenJOBS wants to help candidates to “be themselves” and environmentally conscious companies find dedicated candidates. Environmental professions are demanded and sensible in ecological, social and economic terms. Encouraging these professions is at the heart of our skills.

Recruiters can create an account, consult the job board and submit their job offers. For the candidates, creation of account, creation of CV and Letter of Motivation, inscription on the mail alert.

Take the digital tour to understand what GreenJOBS can bring you in the field of ecological and sustainable work! Thousands of jobs are available in companies that promote the ecology and preservation of our planet.

GreenJOBS steps

Step 1: Find the right match

GreenJOBS works for a sustainable economy. Companies that publish jobs on our site respect the green and sustainable economy. We also select offers from reference portals such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter, but only those published by companies that care about our environment. Our candidates, looking for jobs that combine a good quality of life with the protection of our environment. This allows for a perfect “match” between companies and candidates where the common denominator is mutual respect, honesty, greater involvement and therefore better performance in the company.

Step 2: Apply in few clicks!

As soon as the “match” is identified, candidates can easily apply to available jobs. OR GreenJOBS could automatically send your profile to the job offers that match your requirements, if you provide your agreement.

Step 3: Companies select the candidates

Companies select candidates according to their selection criteria.

Step 4: Evaluation and training

For us, sustainable economy is not an empty word. GreenJOBS practices the green economy by focusing on training professionals. Candidates can evaluate companies and give us their opinion on their ecological brand. GreenJOBS informs vocational guidance specialists and vocational training actors about the professional development opportunities of candidates in the different professional fields and economic branches (eg, ecology, finance, Real estate development, eco-design in machine building). Interested companies are supported in their efforts to finance projects and encourage environmental technologies and exports through attractive networks, platforms and continuing education. GreenJOBS advises states, economic and professional associations, non-governmental organizations (WWFs, etc.) and training institutions on green economy issues, with an emphasis on training, Research and innovation.